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New HVAC Installation

dover hvac professionals new hvac installation

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems are installed by the trained professional team at DHP. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is able to assess the needs of your residential or commercial space, recommend a unit and install the system into your building. We are truly a full service provider with start to finish assistance. With our guidance your HVAC installation will be a smooth experience filled with education and friendly interactions. We have been serving the Dover community for years and will continue to infuse a superior level of care and quality into every installation that we conduct.


The introduction of a new HVAC unit provides many benefits of comfort to inhabitants of residential and commercial buildings. The HVAC unit generates the comfort that is provided through a furnace or a boiler. Air contracted from the home is blown across the heater resulting in warmed air. That warmed air is then redirected through your duct system and recirculating into your home.


Ventilation is essentially the addition of outside air into your controlled interior space. The amount and where the outside new air is brought in is controlled by equipment in the HVAC system. Mechanical ventilation distributes fresh air through your space using ducts and fans. The introduction and distribution of fresh air is all facilitated through the equipment accompanying the ventilation. The presence of a HVAC system adds comfort and health benefits for the residents of the home. Not only does the HVAC hold health benefits but it adds value to the property when resale is considered, this is a great benefit for homeowners looking to the future of their properties value.

Air Conditioning 

An air conditioner system treats warm air and produces cold air in its place. The replacement of warm air with cooler air adds comfort to residential and commercial spaces. The air conditioning aspect is part of a whole HVAC system and is included in the installation. Our team of experts provides comprehensive complete installation services to provide your guests and family with temperate and ventilated air. There are various types of HVAC units available for your purchase, when you work with DHP you will receive guidance in order to fully understand the benefits and downfalls of each unit and choose the proper installment for your household.


The process of installing a new HVAC system is not a task for the novice or DIY to take on. From the intricate workings of the connections necessary to result a fully functional system to the heavy and labor intensive aspect your installation is better left to professionals. You might think that installing the system yourself might save money however the improper installation of the system can result in overwhelming cost. If you were to connect the wrong hose to an improper piece of equipment you are prone to be set back an extensive amount. This additional cost can be avoided with the initial hiring of DHP to carry out the installation procedure.

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