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HVAC Preventative Maintenance

dover hvac pros preventative maintenance

We operate a fully staffed large scale HVAC servicing company that handles the needs of any public, commercial or residential HVAC system. Our team of technicians are certified with a long list of HVAC systems and manufactures. We are fully equipped to handle indoor air quality controls to ensure we avoid the possible contamination of future production of any pollutant.

Intricate and Technical

The HVAC system in any property can easily be one of the more complex systems found within any home, business or public space. That is why it is paramount that when enlisting the services of an HVAC professional, that you are fully confident in their ability to deal with the extensive intricacies and inherent safety concerns surrounding heating systems, electricity, oil, natural gas or refrigerant unit materials like freon. We make sure to provide unparalleled service that is convenient, efficient and economical for our customers, business partners and greater community.

Actionable Measures 

Throughout our years serving the customer we have made sure to listen to feedback to implement actionable changes that provide substantial valuable changes to our end user. We cover a range of specialty requirements including maintenance, replacement and repair. Our team have been the leading authority when it comes to heaters, furnaces, wall heaters, air filters, ventilation fans, air conditioners, dryer ventilation as well as duct cleaning.

Preventative Field Team 

The field team we have assembled are capable of providing a quick and efficient diagnosis of your HVAC systems to quickly determine, identify and isolate the problem should there be one persisting. They are experienced in handling the repair and servicing the needs of all makes and models of furnaces, boilers, water heaters, pool heaters, gas fireplaces, hydronic systems, air conditions are more. Our team of expert technicians are able to fully diagnose and audit your premise to the full clean and disinfect your air duct systems.


Due to the rapid investment and implementation of advanced technologies at Dover HVAC Professionals, we are able to develop and utilize air monitoring instruments that are designed to automatically monitor and control the healthy air filtration/circulation in your environment. The proper functionality of your HVAC system is crucial to the overall efficiency and comfort of your space. There is a long list of different manufacturers and systems that include a variety of components and equipment, all of which is required to be installed properly to ensure peak performance and functionality.

There When You Need Us 

We are able to implement our services subject to two different requirements. Should you require a one time, infrequent service that handles the sporadic service needs of any of your HVAC systems and equipment, we have the resources to respond in a timely and affordable manner. On the flip side, if you are interested in the ongoing, routine and scheduled maintenance and service of your HVAC systems, we are able to establish an operational plan with you, your family or business to ensure we reach an agreement suitable by all.

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