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HVAC Repair / Service

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Repairs conducted on HVAC systems should not be completed by novice or DIY individuals. The complex inner workings of the HVAC system can be overwhelming and exponentially harder and more expensive to fix with improper care. The services that we offer at DHP are comprehensive and always start with the inspection of your improperly working piece. With the insight into potentially problems our team can conduct a plan and execute repairs necessary to your HVAC system. With a smile and quality results we deliver results for affordable service fees.

Air Quality 

Energy efficiency is a side effect of the proper servicing of your HVAC system. Your air quality is important and it is maintained through proper servicing of your unit. Without the proper inspection and servicing your household might be prone to pollen, dust and debris floating throughout the air ducts and structure. When you consider who to trust for your HVAC repair and servicing consider the expertise that is offered by Dover HVAC Pros. We have serviced our public for years and will continue to deliver results to our loyal Dover community.


The investment that you inject into a repair in comparison to replacement of the system is significantly lesser. When you consider the age and working order of your HVAC system, a repair an be the right choice rather than a full replacement. Your cost savings are not only seen in the mitigated repair bill but also in the longevity of the equipment. The more use that you can get out of your unit the less monetary output that you will have to infuse into a working unit. Following assessment by our licensed technicians repair options will either be offered or ruled out.


It is suggested that HVAC systems are maintained on an annual basis, why is this important? Your HVAC unit plays an important part in the comfort and function of your residential or commercial space. Too much heat causes exhaustion and the absence of heat can be just as detrimental to productivity and health. Maintenance will increase the efficiency of your unit, in turn decreasing the amount that you spend on the heating and cooling costs of your building. Your air quality should be maintained at a high level offering the best breathing with no dust, particles, allergens or bacteria.


DIY repairs can be catastrophic to the workings and scope of repair necessary for your HVAC system. Even though the repair necessary might seem simple enough, the inner workings of these intensive pieces of equipment is not easily navigated. The team at DHP has completed thousands of repairs on systems just like yours! We will first assess the damage that is present on your unit and come up with a repair plan that rectifies this ailment. Trust our expert team to complete your HVAC repair with quality and efficiency when you are in HVAC woes! We love our job and will continue to show our passion for repair and servicing for years to come.

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