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HVAC Upgrade / Replacement

dover hvac pros hvac upgrade or replacement

If your old trusty HVAC system has come across some troubles functioning lately it might be time to consider replacement or repair. The efficiency of your HVAC unit is important to the value it holds for your household. Without proper functioning heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems your comfort is surely being put in jeopardy. Prior to kicking your old unit to the curb consult with our HVAC professionals to assess the state of the system and suggest next steps. There are situations where your existing unit might just require tweaks or touch ups avoiding the large expense of replacement!


By updating your existing HVAC system to a newer model you can increase the efficiency of your household and lower your monthly heating and cooling costs. Through research and testing, modern heating and cooling systems are much more efficient than they were just a few years ago. If you are looking to decrease your heating or cooling bills a newly constructed HVAC might be the right solution for your residential or commercial property. Efficient HVAC systems will also offer a decreased environmental footprint to the proud owners of the updated systems.


The replacement of an older model HVAC system can be costly depending on the model and scope of the work necessary. The investment that you make into your home is put to good use when directed into the HVAC system. Resale and property value are both affected by a proper and high quality system. Without a working HVAC system your home’s value can plummet. To begin your investment into your property and family’s comfort contact our team by phone or email today! We offer free quotes and completely comprehensive inspections of your existing unit.


The upgrade of your HVAC will increase the efficiency of your household while saving you monetary expenses. There are additional benefits that add to the benefits that come with an upgrade in units! Extended warranties and tax reimbursements are options in various models and government sanctions. Your investment into a new updated HVAC system will leave you with an increased property value and a functioning system that will outlast the previous instillation. When you decide to increase the functionality and value of your home’s HVAC system contact our specialists for options available to you.


Repairs commonly seen in HVAC systems are varied and specific to the individual system, if you are concerned with the performance of your installed unit contact our technicians for inspection. Repairs can range in price from twenty dollars to thousands of dollars, there is no quote provided to property owners without prior inspection. After the assessment of the HVAC unit our serviceman will be prepared to quote you with repair estimation. Not all repairs can be seen with simple inspection and due to this some additional expenses might be concurred through additional necessary repairs. Common repairs include; replace condensate drain tube, replace condensate drain pump, replace drain pans, flush drain line, recharge refrigerant, repair refrigerant leak, replace compressor.

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