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Air Filtration

dover hvac pros air filter

Air purifiers hold many great benefits for the inhabitants of the commercial or residential space that it services. By removing the allergens present in the air people susceptible to asthma attacks have an environment without triggers. Health benefits are plentiful when considering the installation of an air filtration system, if you are looking to find the right system for your residential or commercial space contact our HVAC specialists for consultation. The right unit is on the market for you! Start reaping the benefits of breathing clean and allergen free air as soon as possible.


Health aids draw a large number of air filtration users to the installation of the systems. When considering the overall well being of your family and business the presence of a purifier unit is a small investment to make. From cigarette smoke to airborne asbestos there are many dangerous pathogens that can be reduced and removed with a working filtration system. Along with more dangerous components the filtration installation will also reduce the unpleasant odors that can be trapped such as pet odor. When you are ready to take the first step towards a healthier happier household, contact our team of air filtration experts for consultation.

Odor Control 

Through the removal of dirt, debris, particles and allergens your residential space will become free of smelly bacteria. The pet odor or smoke that once haunted your indoor living space is now banished by the introduction of an air filtration system. The benefits that air filtration systems offer are superior to alternative solutions as they are tested and proved to be efficient in highly contaminated spaces. We love our pets and the foul odor that they bring into the home with them is not going to have us keep them outside. Bring in your family member but remove the smell through an air filtration unit installed by DHP.


Particulate air filters are amazing for the function of removing solid particles. Different technology must be used to rid your air from dust, pollen, mold and bacteria. The particulate air filter is made from fibrous or porous materials so that it is able to trap and hold the solid pieces. This type of air filtration system is used in many venues where air quality is of utmost importance such as building ventilation systems as well as engines.

Types of Filters 

Filters are not all uniform as they came in shapes sizes and materials made to serve specific functions for the unit. Fiberglass is a frequently used type of filter due to the easy disposal of the purification filter. Fiberglass filters are of course made from layers of fiberglass and are supported by metal grafting to keep structure. Polyester and pleated filters are similar to fiberglass but offer dust-stopping ability far superior to the later. Washable air filters are the least commonly used when compared to the previous filter options. Washable filters are porous and allow air to freely flow through the surface area. They are used mostly in industrial situations where there is a high amount of coarse dust.

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