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Air Duct Cleaning / Sealing

dover hvac pros air duct cleaning

Air duct cleaning and maintenance is very important to keeping a safe and energy efficient household. The task of taking apart your dryer vent to clean the vessel is a labor intensive and lets face is boring task. Our services are targeted to supply our customers with a variety of necessary cleaning aids. DHP is enthusiastic and invested in the quality of your cleaning services. When our technicians enter your commercial or residential property you will immediately feel comfortable with the skillful air duct-cleaning specialists that will be working on your unit.

Health and Cost Savings 

It is important to take your friends and families health in high regard. Without proper clean flowing air your family is prone to inhaling dust and bacteria particles present with dirty air ducts. When you bring DHP into your unit cleaning process you will discover a continuous and flowing experience ending with superior results. When properly serviced your air duct system will run far more efficiently, to reduce your additional costs and improve the health of your family periodic maintenance should be performed. Due to the level of organization that we execute all cleaning projects with you receive excellent effects with premiere efficiency.

Scheduled Maintenance 

Your household’s health and efficiency standards can be up kept with the annual professional cleaning of your air duct system. Our team delivers world-class results for property owners throughout Dover and the surrounding area. Our reputation as proficient and thorough maintenance services has made DHP the first choice for our community when choosing a HVAC professional. Following your decision to work with DHP you will be given the opportunity to schedule maintenance so not to miss any opportunity to increase the efficiency and confirm servicing for your air duct system.


Residential properties are in need of annual scheduled air duct maintenance to keep the inhabitants safe. Your home does not just consist of drywall, flooring and a roof but is a space for family to gather and rest. The air that flows through the building should be safe for your friends, family and loved ones to breathe without the lingering threat of airborne dust allergens or bacteria. Residential air duct cleaning services can be conducted annually to prevent to spread of contaminants and debris and increase the efficiency of the home by up to 40%! That means your heating and cooling costs are due to be lowered to reflect your efficient maintained system.


The team at DHP conducts air duct sealing to increase the efficiency and provide comfort. Systematically sealing the air duct system will increase the air pressure of the system while decreasing system airflow. Efficiency of your air duct system is important when it comes to the cost that is associated with heating and cooling the air in the building. Without proper maintenance and sealing you will be left with a faulty system that eats up more energy and money than necessary.

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